Poetry offers a unique approach for travel retrospectives and inspiration. The poem “I Lost A Found Man” observes two strangers divided by a language barrier, yet in some way able to communicate.

As one of the two individuals of this piece, I still recall the face of this man. Likely of Scandinavian descent, he wore a contagious smile and relaxed all day, every day, under shade along the beach of Barra de Santiago, El Salvador. While our communications were limited to expressions, it was clear that he had "found himself" upon this sandy spot. The staff of this remote destination informed me that he arrived unannounced, yet had still not checked out after a month. To this day I wonder what became of him.

  • Reclined on hands like boyhood’s resting glory,
  • A thousand yard gaze leaped beyond coarse sand,
  • Where feathering waves crowned graceful stories,
  • Searing smiles upon one lasso-lipped man.
  • Wind knows not his name, yet blows through rife dreams.
  • Distortions danced in his wild eyes so blue,
  • Maybe of schemes, or victories it seems,
  • Or undisturbed love, now moments so few.
  • Under shade, sans voice, the wanderer kept,
  • From where, by which language, questions accrued,
  • Wiry, approachable, haggard, hair swept,
  • I lost a found man, a figment, once true.

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