El Salvador Poetry

A sample of reflections from the field of travel throughout El Salvador. Poetry offers a unique approach for travel retrospectives and inspiration. In protest, I am countering the rhetoric which so often accompanies travel editorial. Rather, I write to honor our world with beauty, rhythm and truth in composition. All photos © Jason Z. Guest.

Dreamy Lago Coatepeque

About: A collection of four related poems reflect upon both the wilds of everyday life around the crater-lake region of Lago de Coatepeque, El Salvador, and the relationship between its coffee farmers and Mother Nature. Structure: Four related trilune poems (three stanzas, each of three lines, each of three by three (nine) syllables), stitched together by a rhyme scheme. En español: Haga clic...

Olas en Barra de Santiago.jpeg

Poetry offers a unique approach for travel retrospectives and inspiration. The poem “I Lost A Found Man” observes two strangers divided by a language barrier, yet in some way able to communicate.

As one of the two individuals of this piece, I still recall the face of this man. Likely of Scandinavian descent, he wore a contagious smile and relaxed all day, every day, under shade along the beach of Barra de Santiago, El Salvador. While...

Punta Roca, La Libertad, El Salvador.jpeg

La Libertad, El Salvador, is home to one of the world's most famous righthand point-breaks, known affectionately as Punta Roca. The poetic form of a limerick, making comical and sometimes lewd sense, (formatted in five lines, in anapestic meter, with a strict rhyme sequence of AABBA) seemed fitting here.

Barra de Santiago, El Salvador.jpeg

The tanka is a 5-line lyric poem grounded in concrete imagery yet infused with intimacy in the form of a subjective response. My memories of a sunset upon Barra de Santiago, El Salvador were the inspiration for the poem.

  • Of blood and blue hue,

  • Barra de Santiago.

  • Where sky and sea kiss

  • ...

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